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Our air duct leads generation or appointment setting is particularly meant for technicians looking for duct cleaning jobs throughout the year. Having over twelve years of experience in the duct and central heating and cleaning across the United States, now we are solely connecting commercial centers and property owners with HVAC engineers, depending on their respective location(s) of interest.
From confirming appointments to managing calendars and updating spreadsheets, HVAC Leads Pro promises to streamline the whole process. Once an appointment is ensured, then all you have to do is visit the place for inspection, hand over an estimate, and carry out the job. Certainly, every verified appointment comes with a price.
HVAC Lead Generation Process

Exclusive Leads


100% Exclusive Leads for you

  • Leads are close to your demographic
  • Phone Verified
  • Address Verified
  • Ready to clean air duct.
  • Waiting for a price Quote
  • Leads info includes: Full Name, Address, Phone Number, Number of Units, Last Cleaned, Email

Air Duct Exclusive Leads

We specialize in generating air duct cleaning Leads for technicians as we are closely familiar with the target audience due to our prolonged work experience. We have been helping numerous contractors in 21 different states with exclusive HVAC leads throughout every week! Reduce your advertising fees to almost zero as we brand your team while generating appointments at the same time. Our Air Duct Exclusive Leads program works in several ways with the help of numerous insights available. Don't wait, buy our exclusive air duct leads, and experience growth like never before.

Revenue Share Model

Our revenue sharing model can make money for you as well as for us so we can continue to send in more jobs. With this flexible program, we generate the appointments after confirming the price with homeowners to make sure they are also qualified to adopt your air duct cleaning service. All you then need to do is visit the property, provide an estimate, perform the job, and get paid. No marketing effort is needed from your end to generate any HVAC leads; however, this is a subscription package that requires an initial deposit from contractors willing to invest in a dedicated appointment setting team.

Only Qualified and Verified HVAC Jobs For Our Technicians.

Our Step-by-step Lead Qualification and Process Management:

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