Air Duct: 5-Step Leads Verification Process

HVAC Leads Prospecting and Appoinment Setting

Lead Acquisition

With our diversified approach through organic keyword ranking to social media marketing, we acquire HVAC leads from multiple sources. Our goal is to make as many prospects fill up our online form as possible before initiating our lead qualification process. Filling up our form implies their interest in HVAC cleaning services too.

Information Verification

The next step is to verify the legitimacy of information by reaching out to the prospects individually by referring to contact forms stored on our database. Our cold calling agents then reach out to every HVAC lead to check for data accuracy and to confirm their willingness of hiring an HVAC cleaning service or not.

Connecting Technicians

Considering the location of property owners seeking duct cleaning service, we will then reach out to the technicians also looking for HVAC jobs. Once they are ready to work on any specific project, our appointment setting team will update your calendar and share a spreadsheet detailing address, date, and time.

Scheduling Appointment

Our HVAC leads and appointment setters will stick by your side until you have finally visited the site, inspected, provided a quote, and finally cleaned the HVAC unit installed on the property. We don't just hand over leads and get paid, but we ensure that you make money first without wasting time on advertising.

Why HVAC Leads Pro?

Our lead verification follows a series of steps meant for qualifying every prospect so that your time and energy do not go in vain after visiting a site for inspection. Let us know your criteria first so we could start HVAC lead generation campaigns from today on your behalf. Let us manage your calendar, update your spreadsheet, and reach out to your clients for HVAC jobs.

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