Why Air Duct Cleaning Contractors Should Focus on Their Work- Not Their Marketing?

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November 6, 2014
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October 12, 2017

There’s one trap that many home service contractors fall into. They get addicted to getting the work instead of actually doing the work. It’s easy to see how this could happen. There’s a certain satisfaction in knowing you have a surplus of jobs built up and that there will be consistent employment for you and your work force.

Of course where air duct cleaning contractors can get in trouble is when they focus too much on marketing and advertising. That doesn’t sound like a downfall, but it is when they neglect job performance. A poor word-of-mouth reputation from unsatisfied past customers will make your future clients leery. You need to focus on the work you have now – not the jobs you are aiming to get down the line.

Hiring a Marketing Service

What many air duct cleaning contractors do to balance the marketing and labor seesaw is hire an advertising agency. There have been mixed results on this because marketing consultants operate under a broad blanket. Your advertising rep might be drawing up ways to market to homeowners one minute and drawing up a cheeseburger special for a restaurant client the next. Nobody can blame these agencies for taking on as many diverse clients as possible. However when they do, sometimes the conversion rate falters as a result.

One way that HVAC Leads Pro differs is that we are a specialty lead generating company. We attract clients solely in the need for air duct cleaning.

We search for a wide range of clients that may include:
  • Allergy Sufferers – individuals who have difficulty breathing are an excellent candidate for air duct cleaning services. We cater lead generating to promoting how clean ducts can improve indoor air quality. A lower presence of dirt and debris appeals to the masses.
  • Pet Owners – those with multiple indoor pets are a great candidate for air duct cleaning contractors. We stress to them how their pet dander is building up in air vents and ruining indoor air quality. Not only that, energy efficiency is lost due to fur balls.
  • Those Looking For Energy Efficiency Improvements – “going green” isn’t all about installing new light bulbs and low flow water fixtures. We cater to clients who may not be aware how much dirty ducts are contributing to increased utility bills.
  • New Homeowners – when someone purchases a new property, they often want to make it ‘theirs’. This involves a fresh coat of paint, new furnishings, etc. We stress that the best way to eliminate all the remnants of previous occupants is by contacting air duct cleaning contractors. They’ll definitely want to eliminate pet dander, skin cells, hair, and bacteria kicked around every time the HVAC kicks in.
  • New Parents – we stress that part of baby proofing your home should always include cleaning out air ducts. The last thing that new parents want is their little one inhaling toxins and debris laying dormant in their duct path.

In this way we reach out to customers instead of traditional marketing where you rely on the client to come to you.

Why A Focus on Performance is Key

One thing that we always stress to air duct cleaning contractors is that a lead can only get you so far. With optimal performance and extreme customer satisfaction however that one lead can multiply. Pleased clients start talking to their friends about how much better they can breathe. Soon word of mouth service calls start coming in. The more clients that you go above and beyond for, the more you recoup from a lead. Remember, this success is only possible when the clients are actually enamored with the work.

This is why it’s so important that air duct cleaning contractors focus their time on improving their techniques and tools. In that sense, marketing leads should be left to the pros. Having hundreds of clients is great – unless they are unpleased.

So we’ve established that high quality work is needed – but so is marketing. Focus on performance first, and then worry about adding more long-term clients in the future. We can help with this by supplying high quality air duct cleaning leads that have a better chance of converting into sales.

The Added Incentives of Increased Business

It doesn’t take a PhD in business to know that a key to success is an increased workload. Obviously the cash flow coming in from quality air duct cleaning leads is going to lead to an uptick in cash flow volume, but it also helps you fulfill the goals of increasing customer satisfaction.

When you’re busier and have more profit, you can afford to hire more labor which cuts down on customer wait times. Another benefit recouped from quality air duct leads is the ability to purchase more tools and specialty equipment. You may soon be able to offer services that competitors may not. An increase in business may soon allow you to upgrade or expand your shop. You’ll have more room for storage and renovated facilities will increase employee morale.

Your increased business will allow you to expand your workforce and thus make you a pillar in the community supplying local jobs. You’ll be able to pay employees more and thus they’ll have more disposable income that can be put back into neighborhood restaurants, retail shops, auto dealerships/mechanics, and more.

In summary, being busy is good – and it all starts with leads. Give HVAC leads pro a call today to learn more about our services that are specifically tailored towards air duct cleaning contractors.