Things to Look For In Any Air Duct Lead Generation Company

Ways that HVAC Lead Generation Companies Can Get You Better Results
November 1, 2017
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April 18, 2018
Unless you’re an air duct cleaning startup company by now you’ve probably jostled with the idea of “to lead, or not to lead.” Before we proceed further, you might have some legitimate questions about what a lead generation company is and why or how it can benefit your business, let’s find out.

Obviously, you’re going to always strive to be a leader in your industry but in this sense “leads” means,

Should you buy contact information in an effort to expand your business?

If you are going to take advantage of this HVAC appointment scheduling service, then you need to know what to look for in an air duct lead generation company.

What is an Air Duct Lead Generation Company?

Air Duct Lead Generation

HVAC Leads Pro, the largest lead generation support for HVAC technicians.

One thing you need to do to keep your business above water is to bring in new clients all throughout every year.

Let’s be honest, in the air duct cleaning industry people should reach out to you on an annual schedule, but very few actually will.

Therefore it is the responsibility of somebody in the company to continually look for new customers to add to the Rolodex.

What air duct lead generation companies like ourselves do is scour the market for people who may want to obtain your services.

  • Once we’ve qualified and verified every prospect, we present them to you so that you can carry out the actual work.
One thing we get a lot is, what’s in it for us? For one, marketing is our specialty – not duct cleaning. It’s true, we specialize in the duct cleaning and HVAC industry, but that only adds to our added success in promoting this, and only this, niche.

Another benefit that comes from our end is a benefit on your end.

Specifically, you can choose to purchase air duct leads with no guarantee of future business, taking the turnover ratio into your own hands.


HVAC rooftop units covering large areas are generally more profitable jobs.

Then again, you can opt for a commission-based lead obtaining.

What this basically does is say that we don’t get paid unless you get work.

That’s a big incentive for us – but also a very positive risk/reward on the duct cleaning company’s end.

How Does an Air Duct Lead Generation Company Help Your Business?

In a nutshell, if you want to know what to look for in Air Duct lead Generation Company it’s one that has your best interest in mind.

Could we sell you a list of names and numbers ripped out of a phone book?

Yes. Would it help our impeccable reputation in the industry long term? No way!

A quality Air Duct lead generation company like ours helps your business because we make more money when you succeed – to be honest.

 We don’t want to get you in the door of some random house, we want to connect you with a homeowner who is legitimately seeking air duct cleaning services. 

We’re a middle man, sure – but way more cost-effective than hiring your own full-time marketing company.

OK, so what we do is market air duct cleaning services all over the world, it’s our only niche.

That’s another thing of what to look for in an air duct lead generation company – specialization.


Our professional HVAC engineers are equipped with the right tools for optimum cleaning.

We know where to find air duct cleaning customers, know how to get them interested in the services, as well as pass on to you the ones who are actively looking for HVAC engineers for hire.

We’re Not Overhead – We Save You Money

Let’s be blunt, you need to attract new customers. What are your options?

  • Newspaper Ad
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Local TV Spot
  • Ad in Trade Homes Pamphlet
  • Door-to-Door Marketing / Cold Calling

Cleaning HVAC once every after two years will lower your expenses likely to incur fl

You can have success with any of these methods, but at the same time, you’re going to be exhausting an awful lot of resources just for a very minimal return, comparatively.

Ask yourself if this would be a better idea – receive a list of customers in your area who have shown at least some interest in the benefits of having their air ducts cleaned.

Once you get this information, you contact them and tell them how and when you can perform these services in their home.

Every single customer you contact has shown at least some sort of interest in the benefits of getting their air ducts cleaned.

That’s efficiency to the nth degree.

Specific Ways Air Duct Lead Generation Companies Pay You Back

For us, lead generation is a tried and true method but it’s understandable that some might still be hesitant about its benefits.

  • When you have more customers, you can pay higher wages.
  • When there’s a higher profit margin, tool upgrades are easy to fit in the budget.
  • There’s steady work scheduled for months you can justify expanding your workforce.
We’re business people too, we know that overhead might better be spent on expanding your workforce, upgrading tools, increasing training, etc.

The truth is, your leads make all those upgrades possible. After all, customers are your lifeblood.

One thing you can’t underestimate is that one of our quality leads is way more than just a name on a piece of paper.

The residual effects of each lead are numerous!

One air duct cleaning job done in an efficient, prompt, and quality manner could lead to word of mouth referrals to five of those customers’ friends.


HVAC cleaning result, before and after mold and bacteria sanitizing

When five of their friends tell five more people, the benefits of each lead is exponential.

What To Look For In Air duct Lead Generation Company Summary

In a nutshell, we want to provide you quality leads because it is the only way our company can succeed.

Trust us when we say we are not a fly by night operation that ‘gets in and gets out.’ Even after you obtain the leads, it’s not the end of our relationship.

We’re going to be pounding the pavement finding even more potential customers – plus, we’re going to want to make sure they’re legitimate in case you want to do a commission-based package.

Don’t look at us as a solicitor – think of us as a contributor.

Don’t look at us as a solicitor – think of us as a contributor.

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