What are the Best Ways to Get HVAC Leads

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October 12, 2017
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October 16, 2017

One of the  best things about being an air duct cleaning contractor is that every home or business in your area is a potential job site. If that property contains a forced air heating or cooling system, there’s a great chance that they could benefit from having the ducts cleaned. The best way to get hvac leads is because it’s the services are a pretty easy sell. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of better air quality, lower utility bills, and an extended life span for their furnace or AC?



Of course you wouldn’t have time to be reading this if every household and business in your area was contacting you to clean their air ducts. What are some of the main reasons that a household might not immediately need your services?

  • Just had their ducts cleaned?
  • Has a ‘go-to’ HVAC contractor already?
  • Rents the home instead of owns it?
  • Doesn’t have the budget available for air duct cleaning?
  • Has radiant or wood stove heat?
  • Uses a window AC or mini-split instead of a central air system?
So to understand, technically not every home or business represents a potential client but there are two things working in your advantage. First, there are workarounds for most of these non-qualifiers – for example financing for those on a budget or getting the property owners contact information from the renter. The other major advantage is that a majority of homeowners don’t fall under these umbrellas of non-service. This is why we need to utilize the best way to get HVAC leads that turn the potential into your profit.

Marketing Where Potential Clients Would Be

We’ve stated that every homeowner in your region is a potential client for air duct cleaning services. Therefore you never know when you could get a viable lead in say, a supermarket flier. That being said, the best way to get HVAC leads is to focus your marketing attention to where potential clients are more likely to be.


This is why things like trade shows or putting advertisements on home service related websites are often more likely to get you quality leads. The ‘crowd’ at these places is made up of people who are looking into home renovations. Maybe they have a budget set aside, but don’t yet know how they want to spend it. If we can educate them on the benefits of air duct cleaning and that it’s a service that essentially pays for itself, then we’re that much closer to qualifying them as a quality lead.

Best way to get hvac leads-Online Marketing

The phone book as we traditionally knew it is basically an artifact. People aren’t going to take the time to grab a dusty old phone book off of their refrigerator anymore when they can just Google a businesses number, hours of business, etc. Therefore the best way to get HVAC leads is by marketing on the Internet.

How do you market on the Internet?

First off we try to run a monopoly on as many keywords as possible in the heating and air field. One customer may be searching for ‘duct cleaners’ while another might type in  air duct contractors.  People have some weird Google habits but if we can rank higher numerous turns of a phrase. Then that just gives an even better opportunity to pass on a viable duct cleaning client to you.

Get hvac leads

Obtaining Self-Sustaining Leads

Have you ever seen the early morning infomercials that promise you the ability to earn a passive income and that you’ll be able to make money in your sleep? The only job you’ll have to do is walk to the mailbox each morning and grab your free income? Yeah, those don’t work but becoming self-sustainable has proven to be one of the best ways to get HVAC leads.

What self-sustainable means in marketing is having the clients come to you. You put up a website for example, and market it well on the Internet, contain your contact information, and then sit back and wait until people find said site. Soon you’ve got 2-3 potential clients emailing you per day – some even book appointments directly through the web site.

This is one of the ways we find high quality leads for you. When people find some of our marketing documents (web sites, sales pamphlet, e-books). They’ve already been searching for more information about getting their ducts cleaned. We can pass on these leads to the company who actually does the duct cleaning – aka You!

We’re Not Your Competition, We’re Your Allies

That is a very important point to consider – we’re not in the business of doing the actual duct cleaning ourselves. We are in the homeowner information niche. We provide info about heating and air among a few other home services. And once people have been educated, they want to know what to do to take the next step. They want to go through with the service of getting their air ducts cleaned because they have now learned about it.

In essence, our services has got to be near the top of the list of the best way to get HVAC leads. You can use our marketing prowess as a spin-off of your business. We’ve already done the hard part of educating the consumer and basically selling them on the services. All you have to do is swoop in, give them a superb customer experience, and sit back and wait for the referrals to come in.

You know that there is an untapped resource of potential clients out there that could build your duct cleaning business to remarkable heights. However, you’re also aware that not every single home or business owner want your services at this time. We’ve done the ground work to ‘thin the herd’ on customers who are viable. Now all you have to do is give them the services that they want.

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