WHY You Need Heating and Air Conditioning Leads

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October 16, 2017
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October 16, 2017

It’s easy for an air duct cleaning contractor to think that they don’t need heating and air conditioning leads at all. You’ve likely had success in business on you own and leads are just names and numbers on a piece of paper right?

Actually, there’s no reason to NOT obtain as many leads as possible. Even if you are at full work capacity presently, securing future work makes it easier to expand your labor down the line. With future work contracts signed, you have the assets to upgrade equipment or your facilities.

Also, our leads are not just names and numbers on a piece of paper. The information we provide is quality heating and air conditioning leads from people who have shown legitimate interest in these services. They have reached out for additional information about duct cleaning in some for or another. One of the biggest mistakes in sales – is not asking for the sale. Our heating and air conditioning leads want to get their air ducts cleaned, they just don’t know how to get to that next step.

If you are still on the fence about whether or not obtaining leads is a good investment, here are some reasons to  help you solidify that the answer is, “YES!”

Contacting People Unsolicited Can Hurt Your Business

heating and air conditioning leadsAs an air duct cleaning company you realize that every home or business on your block is a potential client. Sure you want to expand your work load, but you also offer a service that is legitimately beneficial. Everybody should have the ability to breathe in their home without dander and debris clogging their lungs. It’s also not right that people pay more for their utility bills just because their ducts are clogged up.

The million dollar question is how you go about turning all of these potential clients into actual ones. Do you cold call? Do you pass out pamphlets on cars? Will creepy direct messages on social media work? The truth is while everybody could benefit from your services, there are a lot of people who don’t want to be bothered. Even though you had the best intent, there’s a very high risk of negative word-of-mouth repercussions when contacting people unsolicited.

Our heating and air conditioning leads are not unsolicited individuals however. We provide you information about people in your area who have actually reached out wanting to learn more. They have searched the benefits that can be achieved by having their air ducts cleaned. Is every lead going to convert? Of course not, but they’re much more likely to than somebody who has never expressed interest in the service.

Heating and Air Conditioning Leads Are Less Expensive Than Other Advertising and Marketing

buried-by-moneyYou’ve got to market your business for it to grow. One of the most accepted methods over the years has been ads. Advertising gets your name out there, but the conversion rate is miniscule. For every person that calls you for air duct cleaning from the paper, thousands just glossed over the material.

When you acquire heating and air conditioning leads from HVAC Leads Pro, you’re doing 1-on-1 advertising. You’ll have to follow up with clients and discuss terms, availability, etc. but it’s a much easier sell than somebody seeing your phone number in a newspaper. Plus, our leads are pre-qualified. You’re not in touch with newspaper readers, but homeowners who have reached out for information about air duct cleaning. Your newspaper ad was purchased with the intention of getting a customer to call you – with a lead, you already have the phone number.

All the “Fishing” Has Been Done

It’s not fair to say that after you’ve obtained a lead all the hard work is done. After all you still have to follow up with these contacts and will have to perform a quality job. What our heating and air conditioning leads services do is narrow down the ‘potential pool.’ We trim a million home and business owners to a list of thousands that may need air duct cleaning services. We then take that list and trim it down to hundreds that are actually more likely than not to contract the duct cleaning.

It Frees Up Your Responsibilities

Could you pound the pavement and obtain high quality heating and air conditioning leads on your own? Without a doubt. Doing so is a very costly use of time and resources however. Wouldn’t your schedule better be used training employees or maintaining tools and equipment? Could you just benefit from a day off or shorter hours?

heating and air conditioning leadsOur strategies are already in place and we’ve learned what works – and what doesn’t. Tap into our years of experience in generating high quality heating and air conditioning leads. When the legwork of obtaining potential clients is already done , it allows you to focus your energy on making sure the quality of work is the best in the industry.

What we do is maximize efficiency. We maximize the efficiency in what potential customers you should contact and which projects get done. When you make the most of the resources that you have, you increase your bottom line and profit margins. High quality heating and air conditioning leads are just a small part of your overall business goals and desires. At the same time they’re a very big step in achieving those dreams.

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