HVAC Cleaning Estimate – Things to Consider in every Quote

HVAC Sales Pitch: Convert More HVAC Leads Into Customers
April 18, 2018
One of the challenging aspects faced by every HVAC technician is that they need to be prepared for work during any time of the season; therefore, having a template for HVAC cleaning estimate available will eventually save a lot of time for you.

Clients are likely to inquire for an estimate before they make up their minds on whether to stick to your service, so learn to throw effective sales pitch.

This bit of information will enable prospects to easily figure out how much they will be incurred by hiring you.

So, before going ahead and preparing an HVAC cleaning estimate, consider the following criteria at all times.

The first job is to visit every site in person…


A site visit helps you to provide an exact estimate for HVAC cleaning.

Once you have set foot inside a compound, you’ll pretty much figure out the level of effort it needs for tidying up the place.

Moreover, realize that the first impression from a likely prospect is a crucial part of the game, so make yourself presentable in your cleaning business’s attire while making sure you are there for your interview at the designated time.


Building trust and authenticity is the key to make repeat customers.

The purpose of this guide is to help you becoming familiar with expenses likely to incur in HVAC cleaning or repairing; moreover, not every technician follows a fixed set of pricing.

  1. Flat fee: The majority of the technicians charge a flat fee after visiting and inspecting an entire system.
  2. Level of experience: Naturally, having good reviews online definitely improves your chances of success; therefore, the more experienced you are, the higher will be your fees.
  3. Time of the week: Keep in mind that a visit during the weekends or evenings will incur higher rates compared to any weekday.

Come up with a work overview:

Oftentimes, you will be contacted by numerous prospects over the phone or via email, in response to that your job will be to determine their pain points first.

Once you are completely aware of their problem(s), the next task will be to come up with a possible solution or cleaning estimate.


Multiple quotes help you to pick the best price depending on the feasibility.

Gaining trust from customers is the first step towards closing a sale successfully.

Specify the likely costs involved:

A clear and accurate HVAC cleaning estimate will reveal your clients exactly where and how much they will be spending their money on.

Be it new materials or parts, labor hours, and repairs everything must be mentioned on the cleaning estimate so everything stays transparent between you and the client.

There are numerous variables involved and considering each of the variables, the base charges can range between $40 to $300; of course, the consultation fees will be exclusive of the deal. 

Repair fees: 

  • Refrigerant leakage detection and repair costs between $150 – $600
  • AC circuit board replacement ranges between $450 to $1350
  • Replace thermostat and repair $200 – $550
  • AC fan motor repair fees $500 – $1300
  • Replacing capacitor ranges between $250 – $400
  • Replace contactor ranges between $

Specify warranty support:


Cleaning estimates help owners to understand whether or not they can afford your service.

In the case of a newly installed HVAC system, having warranty support is highly likely; hence, it must be mentioned on the HVAC cleaning estimate.

For any technical or HVAC installation with an applicable warranty date, the client will call you directly.

A proper HVAC cleaning estimate will further elaborate on various factors that make your cleaning service unique and better compared to the rest.

Mention all your certifications, past references including membership if you have achieved anything remarkable.

Why an HVAC cleaning estimate is important?

In order to win a cleaning contract, make sure you

have a professional cleaning quotation to share with your prospects.

Protect the young ones at your house from unhygienic air discharged from your HVAC unit.

It’s likely that your prospects are on the lookout for other HVAC technicians in their area; therefore, a professional and a properly segmented cleaning estimate might improve your chances of landing that new project dramatically.

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