HVAC Lead Generation Ideas That HVAC Leads Pro Uses to Build Your Business

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October 16, 2017
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October 16, 2017

A few HVAC lead generation ideas that HVAC Leads Pro uses for establishing your own air duct cleaning.

Traditional advertising and marketing has worked – until today. A negative aspect about these methods is that they need the customers to come to you. You only obtain clients that read newspapers, watch that TV show or listen to radio.

The best HVAC lead generation ideas work in reverse – we now go TO the customers.

With air duct cleaning especially, it’s critical to get the word out about your business in as many forms as possible. If you focused solely on AC repair, you might get enough work just on new installations and emergency repairs. There are some homeowners  who have literally never had their air ducts cleaned. They don’t know how beneficial it is to have their air ducts cleaned – or they don’t know it’s even an option.

HVAC lead generation ideas educate potential clients about how harmful their current air duct situation is. Why are these homeowners paying high utility bills and breathing in dander every day? We then inform them of the major benefits of having their ducts cleaned regularly. We qualify these potential clients of yours as quality leads. They will take the next step for their health and for their wallets. Before you sell, you have to find though – and here’s how we do it:

Create Landing Pages

Every time Google returns results for ‘getting air ducts cleaned’ it’s an opportunity for a sale. Strategically created landing pages guide those who searched the terms to the websites that will provide that info.

We use optimized landing pages to ‘corral’ these Internet searchers by location. It’s a sound HVAC lead generation strategy because these (nearby) potential clients are searching for information about getting their ducts cleaned. Landing pages are more optimized advertisements than newspaper pieces because:

  1. the only people that will find them are ones searching for them
  2. web pages provide a lot more information about the benefits of duct cleaning compared to an ad
  3. websites are a way to obtain contact information such as an email address or phone number

Provide Website Visitors Offers

Another one of our HVAC lead generation ideas to get people to give up their email information is providing offers. These offers aren’t “25% off your appointment” but more “download our e-book to learn more” or “join our mailing list ” People like to think that they’re getting something – and they are, for the low price of entering in an email address.

Use Calls to Action

No matter if we market the benefits of air duct cleaning online or in print, it’s always important to tell a potential customer what to do next. These are known as ‘calls to action’ and they can be something as simple as “contact us for more information.” Your air duct cleaning company benefits from these calls to action.

Customers love ‘call for a free quote’ and it’s one of the great lead generation ideas to turn black and white client information into actual human interaction.

Take Advantage of Online Multimedia

Our HVAC lead generation ideas provide information to customers. It’s your job to actually do the duct cleaning. We make it easier to convert an inquiry into a duct cleaning appointment by providing as much information as possible – in many ways. You don’t need TV advertisements when YouTube gives you better results. We exhaust any and all multimedia resources to provide our visitor with information – so that they can then become your client.


Use Social Proof Feedback

Another way we create hvac lead generation ideas is by providing actual feedback from real people. Website reviews are crucial for getting the word out on the benefits of having air ducts cleaned. This is a built in word-of-mouth referral when a potential customer can see these benefits. Plus, they’re written by a real-life, verifiable Facebook users. Once these customers confirm the positives of air duct cleaning, their next step is getting in touch with a contractor.

Create Beneficial Copy

Having a landing page is imperative for HVAC lead generation ideas. We also like to make that visit as worthwhile as possible. Our goal is to educate visitors so that a lot of the leg work will be done when you contact them. We create beneficial copy including multimedia, infographics, and informative articles to ‘sell without calling.’

Provide an Enjoyable Experience

We educate and entertain the potential customers who have come to us seeking information about the benefits of air duct cleaning. Our goal is also to not alienate them. We never force consumers into giving up information because organic leads are more coveted. We supply them with all the data that they need to make an informed decision about (hopefully) going forward with an air duct cleaning appointment.

These are only a few of the methods that we employ as part of our lead generation ideas. The best aspect is that no matter what method we use to obtain info from high quality potential clients, you get to recoup the benefits. It’s not how the customers have gotten to this point – it’s where they’re going.

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