What Are HVAC Leads Really? How Do They Help My Business

To What Extent HVAC Leads Pro can Reduce Your Marketing Costs?
November 6, 2014
Even if you were a youngster with a lemonade stand, you’d probably know about the basics of marketing. Signage is important, and it always helps to reach out to as many passersby as possible if you want to sell out of your lemony goodness and most importantly maximize your profits. You also want to keep your customers happy – is the lemonade too tart? Too warm? Not enough ice? Not enough vodka? Although some of the basics are the same, lemonade sales are obviously a bit different than HVAC leads (including the lack of booze).

Proper marketing strategy results in automatic profits on a recurrent basis.

HVAC leads are nonetheless an important part of your overall heating and air marketing strategy.

The other aspects of promoting your business you’re likely familiar with such as advertising in local newspapers and service pamphlets, maybe purchasing a radio ad, or you could even create a low-budget television commercial.

With these methods, you’re casting a net over thousands of people, but only a small percentage of which may actually be available for your services.

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They may be children or renters or visitors from other states/countries.

Ideally, every single lead that you acquire is a person who at least has shown some interest in getting their air ducts cleaned.

What Are HVAC Leads?

A lead is just that – a person who has shown some interest in your services.

Leads come in via a wide variety of sources whether it be email, social media activity, web contact forms, phone calls, etc.

 As an air duct cleaner you could go down the phone book from A to Z cold-calling everybody with a home address – but wouldn’t it be more efficient to contact individuals who had already shown some inkling in getting their HVAC system looked at? 

Air duct cleaning contractors acquire leads when they are looking for an influx in the workflow; maybe it’s a slow time of year.

Their traditional marketing methods are not working, or they’ve started providing a new service that they want to get the word out to the masses.


HVAC leads generation with marketing automation for HVAC cleaning.

Perhaps, they’re relocating or expanding and want to start building a reputation through word of mouth to the local population.

It’s actually never harmful to acquire work leads through a proper HVAC sales pitch!

With air duct cleaning especially it’s usually not a job that is done during emergencies.

You can acquire HVAC leads and book the service calls for when you are available.

Either that or if you’re busy you can expand your workforce and supply extra jobs in your community.

As long as you prioritize the work you already have and deliver quality in the now – it never hurts to plan ahead for jobs down the line.

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Where Do Leads Come From?

You may be wondering where all of these customers who suddenly need their air ducts cleaned are coming from?

Are they not reading your newspaper ads or listening to your radio spots?

Well, what your current advertising and marketing strategy is doing is waiting for customers to come to you after they see your ad in the sports section or hear your commercial during the morning drive.

What we do instead is go to the customers via a variety of routes:

  1. Web site marketing

    A CUSTOMER cellular is their new phone book. Nowadays people are going to search for air duct cleaning contractors via their Smartphone Internet browser. A heavy part of our lead generating service has to do with search engine optimization. Whenever a potential customer types in any variation of a search term such as “duct cleaning”, “get my air ducts cleaned”, “air duct cleaning contractors near XX”, etc. we want to be one of the top websites returned in the results.

    These are legitimate customers looking for more info about duct cleaning – usually in your area so they offer a very high-quality opportunity to be converted into sales. 

  2. Sales Brochures

    Air duct cleaning is a great industry to have your business in because every homeowner with a forced-air HVAC system could enjoy the service. The thing is, sometimes they aren’t aware that they have dirty ducts. Sales brochures are highly effective in generating leads because they show clients the importance of removing dirt and dander from their ducts and how duct cleaning can increase their energy efficiency.

  3. Home Trade Shows

    Our company generates leads in only one category, HVAC specifically air duct cleaning. This allows us to focus our own resources on potential clients who can enjoy this service. We don’t have to run to a foodservice trade show one day and an auto body technology seminar the next. We are knowledgeable in this field and focused on finding the best outlets for generating high quality leads for our heating and air customers. Really our approach is to use any resource possible to find high-quality HVAC leads with the potential for sales.

It’s really an incredible opportunity mostly for the fact that most homeowners have gone a decade or more without getting their ducts cleaned.

Some have never had it done!

How Does HVAC Leads Pro Help Your Air Duct Cleaning Company?


Leads take away marketing fees as businesses are instantly able to connect with prospects without investing in promotional/marketing fees.

HVAC Leads offer more return on investment compared to other marketing such as print and media.

The leads we provide are vetted and come from reliable sources and the customer has actually shown interest in acquiring air duct cleaning services.

With other forms of marketing, you’re just putting your information out there and hoping a potential client finds it.

When you acquire leads, you have customer information so that you can go to them.

  • Even a 50% conversion rate is going to provide a considerable increase in the workflow which will lead to ballooning profit margins.

You can also choose how to budget the leads that HVAC Leads Pro provides.


You can purchase the customer information upfront. And choose to go a commission-based route where you only pay us for actual jobs that you book. This choice gives you a no-risk obligation that really no other form of marketing and advertising can provide.

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