Once We Give You Any HVAC Sales Leads, Don’t Make These Mistakes and Lose Them.

HVAC Lead Generation Ideas That HVAC Leads Pro Uses to Build Your Business
October 16, 2017
Once You’ve Got the Air Ducts Cleaning Leads – What Do You Do With Them?
November 1, 2017

HVAC sales leads are one of the best ways to grow your business. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages:


The lead nurturing process is continuous for manifesting trust.

  • You have more time to focus on the technical aspect of your air duct cleaning company. When you don’t have to invest the energy and resources of sourcing potential customers you can instead get down to work on giving maximum customer satisfaction to the jobs you already do have. This surplus of time can also be used for training or for shop/vehicle upkeep, etc.
  • The leads are pre-qualified. When we supply you with data about potential clients, they’re not just citizens that live in your area – they’re people who have shown interest in having their air ducts cleaned. They have reached out for additional information which makes it that much easier for you to close.
  • Finally, HVAC sales leads are just the beginning. If you perform exceptional work that will lead to 1) future work from the same customer and 2) an influx of word of mouth referrals. It’s no stretch to say that a single lead could actually grow to 20+ additional jobs or more.

Even though HVAC sales leads are just the beginning of numerous jobs down the line – you’ve got to remember that a lead doesn’t guarantee a contract. HVAC Leads Pro gives you the keys, but you still have to put them in the ignition.

This cannot be stressed enough: there is still a lot of work to be done even after you’ve obtained these high-quality HVAC sales leads.

An untapped lead is burnt profit and the saddest thing about it is that the homeowner will not benefit.

Yes, you’re losing business but clients are also paying higher utility bills and breathing impure air.

Don’t feel ‘nervous’ or ‘anxious’ about following up with a lead – feel that way if you don’t follow up.

Also, make sure to avoid these mistakes:

Waiting Too Long To Make Contact

hvac sales leads

Waiting for longer than an hour could lose you a prospect

The biggest mistake that causes HVAC sales leads to go astray is waiting too long to contact.

Granted, having ducts cleaned isn’t necessarily an emergency 24/7 project, but it’s something that many people want to be done timely.

A majority of people like their ducts cleaned before a particular season (heating or cooling) starts up.

They might also want the service as cleanup at the end of the season.

Either way, when they’ve reached out for the information about duct cleaning, it means the project is on their mind.

 Waiting too long to make contact with a lead loses you business. Not only that, it provides work for your competitors. 

One thing that’s very important to remember in this regard is that no client is just one client.

When you miss out on a potential duct cleaning opportunity by waiting too long to contact, you’re not only losing out on that HVAC sales lead – you’re letting all of their potential referrals slip away too.

Being ‘One and Done’

Not every one of our HVAC sales leads is going to book an appointment to have their ducts cleaned 10 minutes into the conversation; however, not all of those who say “not at this time” means never.

  • Another mistake that’s frequently made when contacting a lead is making one call and one call only.
  • Don’t bother them incessantly, but make sure to contact the lead semi-regularly to stay in touch.
  • In fact, you should treasure the contacts that say not at this time because this opens the door for future work.

This act will go a long way with them.

Lacking True Sales Savvy

If the company owner is going to be contacting the leads that’s great.

Sometimes the knowledge to answer a potential customer’s questions is invaluable; however, as HVAC sales leads aren’t cold-calling, but are similar, having a sales staff doesn’t hurt at all.

  • You can delve out all the information you want, but eventually, judgment time comes.
  • Calls to action such as “when can we schedule that inspection” put the lead in a no-nonsense position.
  • One of the gravest mistakes that can be made in losing a potential air duct cleaning client is not asking for the sale.

Funny thing is, many times this is what they’ve been looking for in the first place.

Not Being Flexible in Your Communication Style:


Building meaningful communication is the key to building trust with prospects.

Waiting to contact a high-quality HVAC sales lead is bad enough but you also need to be flexible in how you make contact with them.

Many of our leads come in because people love searching for information online.

It’s just much more convenient to connect via texts or emails (for some people).

If you’re calling repeatedly but a prospect doesn’t answer, don’t write them off. Some individuals don’t even know that phones have the ‘talk’ feature!

Before you call it a ‘dead’ lead, make sure to send an email, a text, or a tweet.

This isn’t invasive – it’s how people communicate today. Always remember that the HVAC sales leads came about because people were searching for information in the first place.

As stated, the rude thing would be to not contact them with the info they requested.

Getting the HVAC Sales Leads firsthand before anybody else!

With high quality leads you’ve been given a Rolls Royce to drive in a potential windfall of business. When you make these HVAC sales leads mistakes it’s like forgetting to put gas in the luxury car.

The leads are the first part, but in order to maximize the effectiveness of this information, you need to capitalize on them.

Just remember, no lead is too small to put in your 100% forthright effort.

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