Once You’ve Got the Air Ducts Cleaning Leads – What Do You Do With Them?

Once We Give You the HVAC Sales Leads, Don’t Make These Mistakes to Lose Them
October 16, 2017
Getting the Right Type of Air Duct Cleaning Leads
November 1, 2017

The air ducts cleaning leads that we provide have been pre-qualified. This means they only include legitimate potential customers who are eager for your services. The leads get you much closer to actual business than putting out advertisements or creating social media posts. The information we give you is for people who have already reached out wanting more information about the benefits of having their ducts cleaned.

At the end of the day however a lead isn’t a sale. Having relevant information about customers who actually want their ducts cleaned is a great start, but there’s still more work that needs to be done. Once you’ve got the leads, here is how you capitalize on them:

Make Contact / Follow Up

Leads aren’t going to sell themselves – usually. One of the biggest mistakes that HVAC service companies make after obtaining legitimate customer data is not do anything with it. There’s inbound marketing which lets the customer come to you, but buying air ducts cleaning leads is not it.


When you obtain leads, you need to do outbound marketing – aka go to the customer. Just remember that this isn’t your traditional cold calling. These are (potential) customers who have reached our for information on the benefits of getting their air ducts serviced. You’re not a nuisance by calling them, you’re putting them in touch with an asset and a service. It would actually be more of a nuisance if you didn’t contact them.

Offer an Incentive

Our pre-qualified HVAC air ducts leads are customers who want to learn more about air duct cleaning. They want to know about health benefits and utility savings. That being said, they can still be a hard sell. Contacting leads is one thing, but sometimes they need that extra push to actually go forward with the contract.

You can persuade the leads to actually get their ducts cleaned by offering an incentive. Something as little as a free consultation could be all it takes for somebody on the fence to go ahead with your contracting. 15% off first visits is a big way to get people in the door. As always, evaluate the boost in business compared to the loss in profits with any incentive.

Remember that incentives aren’t just potential profits out the window. Every one of the leads we provide has the potential to turn into not only repeat customers down the line, but also to bring in numerous word of mouth referrals. The 15% (or whatever you decide to do) that you ‘lose’ now could legitimately turn into thousands of dollars in income down the line.

Answer All Questions

As you’ve probably noticed with your experience in the industry. Some people aren’t even aware that duct cleaning is an actual service.  Consumers might not realize the legitimate money savings that duct cleaning can reap for them. Lower utility bills and less risk for HVAC repairs being needed may come as a shock. There’s health risks with dander, hair, and bacteria in my ducts? Duct cleaning sales can be easy because people are yearning for this new information.

air ducts cleaning leads

On the flip side, customers can also be skeptical of these beneficial claims. The only way to appease their worries is to have an answer for any and all of their questions. If you can fire back at them for every retort they might have about air ducts cleaning being ‘not worth it’, then the more likely they’ll go ahead and see for themselves the improvements.

Be Sincere

Air ducts cleaning leads are great for the bottom line of your business. But at the same time they’re honestly a slippery slope to ski down. In order for the customers to be willing to go through with contracting your services, the reaching out has to be sincere.

…and there’s no reason not to be sincere. After all, the contacts you reach out to will be healthier after their air ducts are cleaned and they’ll enjoy the benefit of lowered utility bills. Who wouldn’t want that? Your services are beneficial to health, money, and happiness so it’s important to come off as genuine. By being sincere in the reaching out phase, you’ll put the customer at ease and they’ll have a positive mindset as you go forward with the consultation, estimate, and ultimately the actual service.

Leave the Door Open, But Ask For the Sale

salesIt’s human nature for you to want to turn each one of our air ducts cleaning leads into legitimate business right away. What’s important to remember however is that patience can be your best asset. Even if a homeowner contracts your service six months from now – it’s still a conversion. Don’t get mad and write off customers just because they don’t want their air ducts cleaned. Now as you’ll come off as a bad impression without even actually performing any work.

Even though you should be respective of your contacts at the present. You still need to get ‘salesy’ and ask for their business. This isn’t really pestering, this is just a simple fact of business in that many people need to be put in the ‘yes or no’ situation of asking for the sale.

Air Ducts Cleaning Leads Conversion Summary

It’s a travesty to let even one good air ducts cleaning lead go to waste. There’s no better reason than because one lead could manifest itself into thousands if not millions of dollars in referral business down the line. The leads that we provide are pre-qualified and ready to take action, all you have to do is get them home.

If you have more information about what to do with the air ducts cleaning leads. Once you’ve obtained them or would like more specific information about, how we do what we do.

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