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Getting the Right Type of Air Duct Cleaning Leads
November 1, 2017
Ways that HVAC Lead Generation Companies Can Get You Better Results
November 1, 2017

Since you’re in the air vent cleaning business, you know the slippery slope that exists with potential customers that are out there. Could every home which contains a forced air system benefit from an air duct cleaning? and you need air vent cleaning leads sources for that.

Air vent cleaning leadsAb-so-lutely. Is every house with HVAC ducts going to want to contract your services?

Heck no. This is why quality air vent cleaning leads are such a powerful currency in your industry.

Let’s be honest, air vent cleaning is an easy sell once you’ve got the right client pinpointed for a presentation. Is a customer going to turn down a purer breathing environment for themselves and their family?

Do they want to pay more in utility bills?

Do they want their furnace or air conditioner to fail so that they have to pay for a $16,000 replacement five years before its due?

You would hope that most of those answers are “no.”

So then all you really need to grow your business is to close out the middle man and put yourself in touch with these people who are clamoring for your service. Instead of casting a wide net of ‘potential’ customers, our air vent cleaning leads put you in direct contact with a stack of legitimate buyers. Here’s how we do it:

Make Them Come to Us

It’s of course definitely possible to reach out to a lead, show them the benefits of your services, and then book a contract for a future duct cleaning. This is very “door to door” like in a sense and the rate on return is not as high as you’d think.

However. If you can make the potential air duct client come to you, then there’s just that much more possibility that they’re going to become a customer. After all, it’s easier to answer the phone than it is to dial the number. When (your) potential clients come to us, we (you) already have the upper edge. This is easily the best way to convert a lead into a sale. These homeowners are searching for information and have reached out to us (you) – all that’s left is to give them what they ask for.

Of course making potential customers come to us isn’t about putting a flier on a telephone pole and sitting back and waiting for the results. The way we make your customers get in touch with us is via a very specific marketing strategy. Our air vent cleaning leads are created when somebody types in “duct cleaning in” – because it brings them to our web site. The biggest key to Internet marketing is that when somebody reaches out for information. You better be the one to provide it or to quote country singer Justin Moore “somebody else will.”

Partner With Other Home Service Companies

If you’re in the market for air vent cleaning leads, you know that every homeowner is a potential client. There’s not a single home that couldn’t benefit from having the dust and debris removed from their air passageway. Improving the indoor air quality and lowering utility bills in the process.


The biggest thing with your industry is that not everybody knows they need this service. When we partner with interior designers, construction contractors, home energy auditors, etc. Though we make it clear how important duct cleaning really is. Some people reach out to us because they want lower utility bills. Some people reach out to us because they want improved indoor air quality. It doesn’t matter if we contact them via a roofing company or a flooring company – at least they’re reaching out for air vent cleaning leads.

Sales Strategist Ability

It’s great to provide information to potential clients. But in no way do you want to tip your hand on any of your potential services. We have luckily created a very sound sales strategy that leads to conversions on your end. Calls to action, free promotions, complimentary consultations, and more are services that are mandatory to be offered in this day and age and they’re on our end, not yours for air vent cleaning leads.

Create a Heavy Online Presence

One thing that’s very important to always remember is the disconnect between our business and yours. We are in no way trying to commandiere your customers – just the opposite we’re trying to put you in touch with them.

Our outreach is all across the United States. We have a network of contractors and potential customers that is unprecedented. The way we connect with both is with a heavy online presence.

Let’s be honest, the phone book is obsolete. The way we get in contact with customers these days is not solely, but very much a majority, on the Internet. A landing page and somewhere for your future clients to ‘click to’ is a must. However, we also utilize social media, chat rooms, online forums, Craigslist, and the like to find ABSOLUTELY every person in the United States, who needs or wants to have their ducts cleaned.


Networking as a whole is crucial to every business entity in the home service industry and is still one of the best ways to get high turnover air vent cleaning leads. With networking, there is no possible route that cannot, or should not, be explored. We have built up an inter-connection of general contractors, interior designers, landscapers, remodels, and others who have a very distinct possibility of coming in contact with legitimate air vent cleaning leads – today or some day.

Air Vent Cleaning Leads Summary

Leads are needs. Don’t waste marketing energy and resources chasing down customers who will never be. Instead, with our air vent cleaning leads you can turn your time and effort into converting homeowners (and business owners) into actual sales. We provide you actual customers who are actually interested in air vent cleaning leads. Give us a call – they’re waiting for you.

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