Getting the Right Type of Air Duct Cleaning Leads

Once You’ve Got the Air Ducts Cleaning Leads – What Do You Do With Them?
November 1, 2017
Air Vent Cleaning Leads Resources
November 1, 2017

In the home services industry, obtaining a name and number of a client can go a long way. After all, a majority of homes have some sort of forced air heating and cooling system and thus each one of those properties represents a legitimate potential client. However, as you’ve probably already found out in your marketing adventures – it’s not about the name and number, it’s about getting the right type of air duct cleaning leads.

Wouldn’t everybody be a potential customer in the air duct cleaning industry? Yes, but you’re going to do more harm than good if you brow beat every home that you see the furnace vent with smoke coming out of it. Not only are you risking potential poor feedback from unwanted solicitation, you’re wasting resources barking up the wrong tree for clients who in no circumstances are going to contract your services.

The right leads are out there – and they’re as plentiful as you imagine. The key is getting the right type of air duct cleaning leads so that you can maximize the efficiency of your efforts. Here is how our services do that for you:

Use The Right Kind of Keywords

Let’s be honest, the phone book is virtually dead. While it was once a great way of putting your name out for potential customers to contract your business, a phone book is worth nothing more than a party trick to see if your friends can rip it in half. Nowadays when somebody wants home services performed, they reach for their Smart phone.

SEO for Air Duct Cleaning leads

Therefore the most effective marketing in the modern age is via inbound web content. There’s a billion people searching Google at any given moment, you just need to have the right keywords implemented to attract their clicks. This is one of the best ways that we create leads from people searching for ‘duct cleaning in XXXX” or “air duct cleaners near XXXX” and so on.

The thing is, people can search for your services in a variety of ways and with a wide selection of spellings and phrasings. We have a very deep keyword strategy plan that says, “if somebody is searching for anything about duct cleaning, they’ll find us.” You benefit from this by being able to scale back your own marketing efforts. We’re not going to say that ‘everybody’ who is online looking for information about the benefits of air duct cleaning will find us – but we’re confident that a majority will. When they do, you’ll be the benefactor.

Be Part of a Home Services Network

By focusing solely on inbound marketing, we’d be doing a disservice not only to the companies who are obtaining the leads, but to customers who are looking for air ducts cleaning via methods other than the Internet.

One such medium where potential clients are abundant is at home services shows or basically anything to do with people who are looking for home renovation projects. The clients who attend these types of events are looking to invest in their home – but they might not even know in which manner yet. By giving a clear cut example of the numerous benefits of air duct cleaning, we can get them on board about the tremendous benefits that this service offers. By partnering with general contractors, interior designers, and any other home service in the direct competition of duct cleaning we can create a network where everybody benefits.

Utilize Optimum Lead Magnets

Our services are much deeper than putting out a website and attracting clicks or distributing fliers at a home show. We utilize a wide variety of media sources to create lead magnets for your business. Some examples might include providing e-books or infographics that give the potential customer information – but just enough info to make them wanting more. Our goal is to give the reader or viewer a taste of information that will make them think about the benefits of air duct cleaning…but will also force them to act moving forward.

Continual Market Research

Market ResearchIt doesn’t take a tech wizard to understand that the Internet is always changing. This stems all the way down to even how Google is indexing certain keywords and content. Our main goal is to stay ahead of the curve by doing market research about the latest innovative method for attracting customers. This might come down to creating a blog about the latest hvac industry news or it might mean developing a Smart phone app to give potential customers real time information and access. Just rest assured that if there’s a break in the marketing industry, we’ll already be on the forefront of leading it forward.


The last step we take in getting the right type of air duct cleaning leads is by actually converting the contacts. We employ not only a team of marketing experts, but those who are experienced and trained in the sales side of business. We have an incredibly high rate of conversion due to two simple facts –

1) We’re dedicated specifically to gaining leads in the air duct cleaning business only.

2) We focus all of our attention on finding customers who have reached out for more info about what you offer.

Getting the Right Type of Air Duct Cleaning Leads Summary

“Leads” as a whole are usually never going to get you in the door for legitimate customers. Instead, you need to be focused on getting the right type f air duct cleaning leads. Our pre-qualified customers have been searching for more information about air duct cleaning and want to specifically utilize your services. They have a much better chance at converting compared to casting a wide net over people who may or may not even know that air duct cleaning is a ‘thing.’

If you’d like more information about how we get the right type of air duct cleaning leads feel free to contact us today. We can go more in-depth about the specific actions. We take and how they will lead to an unprecedented spike in your profit margin moving forward.

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