Ways that HVAC Lead Generation Companies Can Get You Better Results

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November 1, 2017
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November 1, 2017
In the air duct cleaning business, it’s all about results. You want to deliver customers top-notch results so that they keep coming back to you for service over and over again. Results are also more internally driven, however. For example, you want to get results from your HVAC lead generation companies.


If you aren’t already using HVAC lead generation companies, you are significantly behind your competition.

 There’s no sense marketing to an audience of 10’s of thousands anymore when you can narrow down your potential client list to those interested in your services. 

This is what an air duct cleaning lead generation company does.

We give you the best possible chance to succeed with a legitimate list of leads.

There’s always the same questions that our clients have – mainly how do lead generation companies do it?

Here are some answers:

Focused Marketing

One thing to understand about our company is that we are focused solely on lead generation for those prospects that are interested in getting air ducts cleaned.

Just so you know, that is not the industry norm.

If you choose to purchase your leads elsewhere, the marketing agency may be directing their efforts towards car buyers one minute and suit coat consumers the next.

Our focused marketing enables us to be experts in all things involving the air duct cleaning niche.

We keep our finger on the pulse of the latest industry news.

If there are new government tax breaks or even the latest virus CoVID-19 that could be festering in an HVAC system we are going to market accordingly.

We are also able to thrive as a top HVAC lead generation company thanks to our focused marketing.

By dealing solely with homeowners who are in need of air duct service, we expand our reach.


Focus marketing lowers advertising costs without attracting unqualified prospects.

This goes for home shows, hardware stores, carpet cleaners, etc.

A partnership with companies who have some relationship with air ducts is fruitful.

Educating Potential Customers

The air duct cleaning services that your company provides are ideal and beneficial in a number of ways.

  • Our main goal of focused marketing is serving as the go-to source for educating potential customers.
  • Our staff is not marketing towards recruiting chefs one day and gaining customers for oil changes the next.
  • The hardest part is getting the word out about all these benefits.

After a solid education, converting the sale becomes the next challenge.

Therefore one of our main marketing objectives is information.

Once customers know about how much their breathing will improve after all the dirt, hair, and dander are removed from their ducts – they’ll be more likely to go forward with a consultation.

We accomplish this education via a variety of resources.

We use our web page, e-books, infographics, YouTube videos, social media posts, and more.

 This is also how we qualify each of the HVAC leads before passing them on to you. 

Creating Continuous Relationships

Call Today

One way HVAC companies can nurture the contact info is by creating an all-around relationship with the customer.

We want to stress that duct cleaning is done for a purpose.

When having carpet installed, for example, eliminate the dander from your ducts to preserve your investment.

We reach out to those suffering from breathing issues to let them know that dirty air ducts are contributing to their problems.

The more diverse your portfolio is, the wider range of customers we can reach on your behalf.

This diversity allows us to reach out to customers at different times in the air duct cleaning journey.

  • New carpets
  • Health issues
  • Spring cleaning
  • Energy audits

Data helps you understand each of your prospects better, so you can hit their expectations.

Using Data to Our Advantage

Analytics is crucial in modern times in everything from business to sports.

We are self-proclaimed ‘numbers crunchers’ who use data to our advantage in every way.

Analyzing our next step is important but so is evaluating past results.

Data is very trendy in the home services industry as we can reach out to see where the customers are coming from.

  • What services are they contracting? Why are they ultimately moving forward with an air duct cleaning job?

There’s no such thing as being too efficient in this process.

Using Modern Marketing Tasks

Besides analytics, it’s important to know that today’s customers respond to non-conventional forms of marketing.

Phone book ads and newspaper cutouts are nearly fossils in the marketing world.

Innovative HVAC lead generation companies like ours are utilizing phone apps, social media, and viral marketing to gain the attention of customers.

Since our efforts are focused on solely the HVAC duct cleaning market, we can develop strategies that will deliver the most optimum results.

HVAC Lead Generation Companies Summary

We’ll gladly put our money where our mouths are when it comes to our pride in being one of the industry-leading HVAC lead generation companies.


Industry experts are closely aware of the existing market.

We specialize in obtaining duct cleaning clients who have reached out for information on your service.

By being a specialty company, we are able to get you only leads that are worth your while.

Once a homeowner or business owner is already looking for information on the benefits of getting their air ducts purged, the hard part of finding them is already done.

These high-quality leads are actually more likely to convert than not – all you have to do is get the ball rolling.

For more information, please visit www.hvacleadspro.com